Fado Fado, which is the Gaelic for “ long long ago“ and a rugby tour bus in Galway stopped and asked a farmer how to get to Dublin.

After a few minutes of rapt concentration, the farmer removed his pipe and said, “well I wouldn’t start from here.”

Irish Rugby Tours, does intend to start from here, as our great game goes through its greatest paroxysm since World War 2. It survived that as it did the First War.

We intend to be here for our current clients and hopefully our new ones when touring recommences. There are already green shoots of progress. The professional game is up and running. In even more rude good health in the Southern Hemisphere games are played in front of large enthusiastic crowds. Playing and touring will return, even if we must patiently wait for a date for resumption.

Wilmington Charter Force School - Irish Rugby Tours

When this pandemic broke the staff at Irish Rugby Tours, felt like putting their heads under a pillow and crying. That depression did not last very long and we have used the current period of inactivity to make plans. Included are new innovative tours; revised arrangements with airlines and hotels.  Finally above all entering in to arrangements that will guarantee the safety and integrity of every booking made with us.

One thing is certain, there will be a renewed burst of enthusiasm for touring once it is safe to do so. Unfortunately, tours are not put together overnight so all of us involved in this great experiment will have to plan for an uncertain future. Solution, by putting together embryonic strategies that have the capacity for change without cost that is the way ahead.

South Jersey RFC - Irish Rugby Tours

For twenty five years we have organised tours, many of whom returned year after year and became trusted friends.

We will not let old and new clients down. We are here for the long haul and unlike the old farmer we know the best way to go, the way ahead is clear.

New Trier RFC - Irish Rugby Tours