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The Three Wise Men at Irish Rugby Tours do not have camels but they are following a star.

The constellation of rugby touring still burns bright even though every conceivable difficulty has been placed in the way of the coaches, players and volunteers in 2020.

The salvation of the game now rests with dedicated scientists around the globe working to produce a vaccine that will allow normal travel to return and with it the resumption of what has been a part of rugby for over one hundred years – the tour.

Our Blog

They are following a star to a place where nobody has ever been before.  It is certain that rugby touring will not be the same but through their efforts the experience will be none the poorer.


Amazingly, every day they lament the lack of time to finish the allotted tasks.  “Lack of time”, you may ask, with no teams or clients to worry about? Things have never been busier for rugby tours 2021 at Irish Rugby Tours.

The preparation is intense for the resumption of the sport we love.  New possibilities must now be factored in to the planning.  How will the airlines react, what cancellation policies will hotels employ and above all what radical rule changes for the amateur or under-age groups are likely?

In 25 years, we have faced every conceivable challenge and now a new world awaits.  Rest assured we will be ready.

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As Churchill or it may have been Roosevelt, said, “we are all in this together”.