Rugby Tours to Spain

The La Liga of Rugby Tours

Rugby Tours to Spain includes Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. Three top locations to tour with your team.

Sand, sea and the sun to keep you occupied during the day and with plenty of sightseeing and activities to do as well.

Spain loves it’s rugby with some top opposition to play against any tour game won’t be be easy.  Football is it’s real love, home to two of the world’s top sides, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. You also get a chance to look round the famous stadiums that house these two giants, the Nou Camp and the Bernabeu on a guided tour.

Spanish cuisine is also a delight. Paella being recognised world wide but only in Valencia is it the best. Spanish beer is also held in regard and plenty is consumed.

So with all that said Spain is a must on any rugby tour. Come and visit, see the country, see what it can offer you.


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