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Irish Pubs in Japan

Irish Rugby Tours fully expect the multitudes of Irish fans travelling east to the Rugby World Cup to enjoy their time in a new land and dive head first into the rich and colourful culture of Japan. But we are aware that after such a long haul, there may be some who feel a slight […]

5 Super Summer Rugby Books

Summer holidays are a great time to get through some rugby books. Though the men and women of the rugby world might be taking a well-deserved break from the oval ball, it doesn’t mean that we, the rugby mad fans, have to do the same. With that in mind, the gang at the offices of […]

Irish Rugby Tours chats to Union Cup Rugby ahead of Dublin Tournament

LGBT+ Rugby Tournament comes to Dublin this weekend Ahead of the much anticipated Union Cup Rugby event in Dublin, Irish Rugby Tours had a quick chat with the organisers. Starting Friday, 45 teams from 15 countries will be in Dublin to participate in Europe’s largest and best-known LGBT+ inclusive rugby tournament. The Union Cup has […]

Virginia University WRFC return from “Incredible” Rugby Tour to Ireland

A Rugby Tour to Ireland that “surpassed…expectations” Virginia University Women’s Rugby Football Club, a powerhouse of USA rugby, have just returned from their “incredible” rugby tour to Ireland. The tour, which Head Coach Nancy Kechner described as having “surpassed…expectations”, was organised by Ireland’s most experienced rugby tours specialists Irish Rugby Tours. On their nine-day rugby tour […]

7 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Sevens

Shorter game times, less set pieces and more fluid, free flowing rugby have meant that for many sevens has a broader appeal than the fifteen-a-side game. Purists may slate is as something of a modern gimmick; a symptom of late twentieth century impatience. But sevens, or seven-a-side rugby, has a long and proud history that […]

Three Things Irish Rugby Gave the World

For a small nation, Ireland punches well above its weight on the global stage. At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves. Whether its music or literature, cinema or stage, you will find little nuggets of green gold at the bottom of all of life’s many rainbows. Rugby is no different, and we thought we’d […]

A Lobster, Hogg & Front Row Forward Walk into a Bar

There is a long and wonderful tradition of ex-rugby players opening and owning great bars and restaurants. Many leave the world of the scrum behind and dive into the world of the scrumptious. Some have been very successful indeed and here at Irish Rugby Tours we thought we’d highlight just a few of our favourites. […]