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Good Tidings we bring to You and Your Kin

The Three Wise Men at Irish Rugby Tours do not have camels but they are following a star. The constellation of rugby touring still burns bright even though every conceivable difficulty has been placed in the way of the coaches, players and volunteers in 2020. The salvation of the game now rests with dedicated scientists […]

The Way Ahead

Fado Fado, which is the Gaelic for “ long long ago“ and a rugby tour bus in Galway stopped and asked a farmer how to get to Dublin. After a few minutes of rapt concentration, the farmer removed his pipe and said, “well I wouldn’t start from here.” Irish Rugby Tours, does intend to start […]

What to See in London in 72 Hours | 3-Day Itinerary of London

London is one of the most popular and vibrant cities in the world. If you visit the United Kingdom, it’s impossible not to visit this amazing city full of beautiful landmarks, shopping malls, restaurants and, most importantly, people from all over the world. One of the most common problems when starting to organize a trip […]

7 Great Pubs for the 6 Nations in Dublin

Great Pubs in Dublin It’s almost that time of year. The Six Nations is just around the corner and we are getting just a little giddy. Irish Rugby Tours are expecting a lot of fans from Scotland and Wales to come visit Dublin for the big games. Many of you might be coming to have […]

Rugby World Classic Bermuda 4th – 11th November 2017

The World Rugby Classic Once Again comes to Bermuda in 2017. One has to wonder “Why Bermuda?” Well it has to be for Bermuda Rugby – The Bermuda World Rugby Classic. 3,000 plus miles from the coast of England, 650 miles from the United States, a dot of some 22 sq.miles in the Atlantic, the […]

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In… London Rugby Tours

Lovely London isn’t the cheapest city you could choose for a city break (in fact it was recently found to be one of the most expensive) – but it’s London. Like New York and Paris it’s just one of those cities where you just need to accept that it’ll be a pricey one, but worth […]

Rugby Tours to Ireland Alive & Kicking

Xavier High School Rugby Tour Ireland 2016 For almost 30 years now I have been conducting tours of Ireland & the UK for many different clients in both the corporate and leisure markets. The funny thing is that you never really forget the people you work with even though the times and dates tend to […]

Would you really leave the heat for an Irish Rugby Tour

Abu Dhabi Harlequins – U14’s + Parents Visit to Ireland March 2016 Q: Why would a group of ex-pat kids and their parents from all over the world want to leave hot sunshine to come to Ireland in the month or March? A: For the welcome, for the scenery, for the pubs, for the rugby […]

Italy Rugby Legends Join Irish Rugby Tours

One of the Finest Front Row Combinations to Play International Rugby in recent times have joined the Team here at Irish Rugby Tours. Our Good Friends – Fabio Ongaro and Toto Perugini have come on board with us here to develop further our Links with Italian Rugby. Irish Rugby Tours probably have some of the […]