Fado Fado, which is the Gaelic for “ long long ago“ and a rugby tour bus in Galway stopped and asked a farmer how to get to Dublin.

After a few minutes of rapt concentration, the farmer removed his pipe and said, “well I wouldn’t start from here.”

Irish Rugby Tours, does intend to start from here, as our great game goes through its greatest paroxysm since World War 2. It survived that as it did the First War.

We intend to be here for our current clients and hopefully our new ones when touring recommences. There are already green shoots of progress. The professional game is up and running. In even more rude good health in the Southern Hemisphere games are played in front of large enthusiastic crowds. Playing and touring will return, even if we must patiently wait for a date for resumption.

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When this pandemic broke the staff at Irish Rugby Tours, felt like putting their heads under a pillow and crying. That depression did not last very long and we have used the current period of inactivity to make plans. Included are new innovative tours; revised arrangements with airlines and hotels.  Finally above all entering in to arrangements that will guarantee the safety and integrity of every booking made with us.

One thing is certain, there will be a renewed burst of enthusiasm for touring once it is safe to do so. Unfortunately, tours are not put together overnight so all of us involved in this great experiment will have to plan for an uncertain future. Solution, by putting together embryonic strategies that have the capacity for change without cost that is the way ahead.

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For twenty five years we have organised tours, many of whom returned year after year and became trusted friends.

We will not let old and new clients down. We are here for the long haul and unlike the old farmer we know the best way to go, the way ahead is clear.

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Life in today’s world is fast-paced and hectic.  We are so caught up in the race of trying to be the best, to be at the top of our games, that we overlook the monotony in life that comes consequently.  This does not mean that our souls do not yearn for some change, some excitement, some thrill.  Our hidden adventurous selves remain restless and demand that we succumb to them and step beyond our routines, into the arms of adventure.  All of this is justified and very beneficial, for an adventure rejuvenates our spirits and freshens up our perspectives.  This allows us to bounce back to our work life with heightened energy, which ultimately helps our careers.  If you are feeling convinced and motivated to try this out, find attached a list of 12 accessible outdoor adventures around the world.

1.  Hike through the Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland

Photo credit: C-N-Do Scotland

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

The Cape Wrath Trail is a famous trekking route that is situated along the west coast of Scotland.  Approximately 200 miles, it offers one of the most challenging and exciting walks in all the United Kingdom.  Navigate through Scottish Highlands on unmarked trails, rugged mountains, salmon rivers, and gorgeous beaches and find yourself lost in the world of nature’s beauty.  The course starts at Fort William and ends at the lighthouse at the north-western tip of the Kingdom.

2.  Ski down the snow-covered peaks in Park City, Utah

Photo credit: Park City Mountain

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

If you are someone who rarely gets to see enough snow and would love to build some memorable moments playing in this soft-white blessing from the heavens, Park City in Utah is your destination.  Its Park City Mountain Resort is an excellent spot for skiing, thanks to its adaptive ski program.  You get access to not only adaptive equipment but also instructors who can reliably teach you the basics.  Get your friends and family to come and have the time of your life here!

3.  Get soaked in the Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

Photo credit: The Earth

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

The Iguazu Falls are a chain of waterfalls spread along the shared border of Argentina and Brazil.  People looking for real adventure should not miss the opportunity to travel here.  Nature here is at its finest, with gorgeous scenery, lush cliffs, and loud and clear water.  Walkthrough the entire length of the falls or get into a boat to tour till the end.  Perhaps one of the best things about this place is that it is inclusive of those with movement limitations, allowing everyone with a chance to enjoy here.

4.  Swim with the fish in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Photo credit: Reef Experience

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

What could be more exciting than swimming with exotic fish in the world’s largest coral reef system? With over 1,500 fish species and close to 5000 species of mollusk and billions of other tiny organisms making up the reef, this is one breathtaking place to visit.  Owing to its dynamic beauty, the Great Barrier Reef has been a favourite with divers for decades.  However, sadly over the last century, due to rapid climate change and global warming, the reef is dying out at an alarming rate.  So, visit it while you can, or you’ll have to regret not having witnessed this wonder in your later life.

5.  Ride through New Mexico, USA

Photo credit: PikiPiki Overland

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

Take in the gorgeous scenery of New Mexico while biking through the state.  This is a popular sport amongst tourists who visit the land and it is so for all the right reasons.  There are various route options that you can choose from depending on the kind of places you want to see and how long you want your journey to last.  You can choose between lengths as short as two miles to as long as seventy miles.  Plus, there are several options available for those with mobility issues, making the entire activity very inclusive.

6.  Sleep under the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

Photo credit: Virtual Tourist

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

Halfway through our 12 accessible outdoor adventures around the world next is Tromso, which is situated in the heart of the northern lights zone in the Norwegian Arctic.  Therefore, it is rightfully regarded as one of the world’s best destinations to witness nature at its play.  You can play a romantic getaway with your significant other to this destination and lie in ‘cabins’ and ‘hunting lodges,’ and enjoy the sky view.

7.  Go on a Kayaking Adventure in Al Thakhira, Qatar

Photo credit: 365 Adventures – Qatar

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

It might sound strange but the Middle East is not all about deserts, camels and expensive cars.  For example, you can jump into a kayak and drift between the Al Thakhira nature reserve mangroves in Qatar.  While you paddle your way through, observe the beautiful mangrove, the local wildlife and the fish.  This is another inclusive program, well-suited for those with movement disabilities.

8.  Cycle along the Sweden Coastal Cycle, Sweden

Photo credit: Magnetic North Travel

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

Yet another biking adventure makes it to the list due to its accessibility, enjoyability, and affordability.  You can bike through Sweden’s remarkable coastal cycle path.  Cycles are available on rental, and there are several Airbnbs located along the route at cheap rates.  The experience is rewarding, for one can enjoy Sweden’s lush scenery with one’s friends while cycling casually.

9.  Climb an Active Volcano, Italy

Photo credit: A travel companion

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

Italy makes it back on the list with yet another exciting adventure.  Active volcanoes, while dangerous, always fascinate people.  Every once in a while, one thinks about them and wishes to look upon them from close.  Italy provides you with an excellent opportunity to do so by letting you climb Stromboli, an active volcano.  You can trek up the peak with a guide and sit beside the crater’s edge, and witness nature in one of its most violent forms.

10.  See the world from a squirrel’s view, Nebraska

Photo credit: Family Fun in Omaha

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

Located in Nebraska is a Treetop village, with three acres of bridges and lookouts in the treetops.  You can plan a trip to this destination with your family and enjoy some time off the ground and in the lap of the trees.  You can explore gazebos, various bridges and most importantly, the WonderNet, a net that lets you hop safely across branches.

11.  Canoe through the Herault River, France

Photo credit: Drone Vision

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

Canoeing for eight miles continuously for four hours might sound very straining but it isn’t when one canoes through the famous descent down the Herault river in France.  Owing to the picturesque landscape surrounding the river, one remains conveniently distracted from aching arms, for the view is so absorbing that one can only think about it.  Some of the key features of descent include wooded pathways and thrilling waterfalls.

12.  Run through the mountains across the Dinaric Alps, Bosnia

Photo credit: Endi Poskovic

The gorgeous Dinaric Alps of Bosnia-Herzegovina present a breathtaking sight to witness.  There are approximately thirty-nine trail runs waiting for you to discover.  Run through the pristine and untouched landscapes and absorb the sight of stunning forests, highlands, ancient villages and medieval archaeological spots.

12 Best Accessible Adventures Around the World

So, that was the list of twelve best accessible outdoor adventures around the world.  Each of these activities is packed with fun and guarantees adrenaline rushes as you have never had before.  So, book a trip, step out, and build excellent memories to look back on with Irish Rugby Tours.