Imperial War Museum


The Imperial War Museum in London, a popular destination for our London Rugby Tours.  With many collections which include archives of personal and official documents, photographs, film and video material.  Other collections include examples of military vehicles and aircraft, equipment, and other artefacts. If you are interested in any type of history this is the place for you all on an Irish Rugby Tours tour.


Horniman Museum and Gardens

Horniman Museum and Gardens - Rugby Tours in London

The Horniman Museum and Gardens is a museum with extensive collections of anthropology, natural history and musical instruments. There might be a charge for major temporary exhibitions
and the aquarium when they are put on.


Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

Covent Garden Entertainers - Rugby Tours in London

Visit Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden for street entertainers showing off their talents to the crowds watching them. If you’re lucky you might get asked to participate in one of their performances all on an Irish Rugby Tours tour.


Classical Music Concert

Classical Music Concert - Rugby Tours in London

Musicians from the Royal College of Music perform free concerts throughout the week in various locations around London. If you have time you may want to head to one of these venues – St Mary Abbots (Kensington High Street), St Martin-in-the-fields (Trafalgar Square). In addition Charlton House (Charlton Road), Lincoln’s Inn Chapel, Regent Hall (Oxford Street) or St James’s Piccadilly.  For classical music buffs, these concerts are a great opportunity to hear some excellent musicians at play. Irish Rugby Tours.


Speakers’ Corner

Speakers Corner - Rugby Tours in London

If you have an opinion and you want it to be heard then grab your soapbox and go to Speakers’ Corner. Traditionally, a Speakers’ Corner was a place where public speaking and debates could be heard. You will still find one in existence on the northeast corner of Hyde Park. If you would like to say your piece, you will be in good company. Marx, Lenin and Orwell have all stood there before you, you will either agree with them or disagree with them. That’s the beauty of free speech the speakers are real characters from all walks of life who just want to be heard. Irish Rugby Tours.

Where: The northeast corner of Hyde Park, near Marble Arch and Oxford Street.
When: Sunday mornings are the best time to visit.


Sniff out the noses of Soho

Sniff out the noses of Soho - Rugby Tours in London

In 1997 artist Rick Buckley came up with an unusual way of protesting against CCTV cameras on the streets of London. Armed with plaster of Paris models of his own nose and some very strong glue, Rick went about sticking his noses on around 35 London landmarks. Most of them were taken down pretty quickly but there is still 7 in existence today. Apparently, if you find all of the Seven Noses of Soho then great fortune will come your way. Here’s a hint – at least one of them is not actually in Soho. While you are in Soho you can check out what makes Soho so famous some great pubs too to pop in to. Irish Rugby Tours.


Wellcome Museum

Wellcome Museum - Rugby Tours in London

The Wellcome Collection is ‘the free destination for the incurably curious’. Exploring the connection between medicine, art and life in the past, present and future, this is a must – visit for those of you interested in odd facts and trivia. There are always really interesting exhibitions on – the current one is a study of mind, body and meditation in Tantric Buddhism – and the library is a great resource if you want to understand more about medicine and its role in society, past and present. Irish Rugby Tours.


Stand Up Comedy Club

Stand Up Comedy Club - Rugby Tours in London

Everyone enjoys a good laugh and sometimes at someone else’s expense so why not pop down to the Stand Up Comedy Club you will find today’s up and coming comedians starting out on their new careers. You might be lucky to catch one of the top comedians popping in to do some new material before he/she goes on TV or on tour. There’s a reasonably cheap bar there too to make sure you get right into the mood and a warning to those who might feel brave to heckle any of the comedians, don’t, it’s not worth it. Even though the event is free do book your tickets ahead. Irish Rugby Tours.


Hootenanny Brixton

Hootenanny Brixton - Rugby Tours in London

Growing up in London as a teenager music was always around me. Doing the London pub scene in the late 70s was an education in what artists, bands and audiences were into. At the Hootenanny Brixton you can experience what I was into at the time and still am but at a more sedate pace these days. Dance along to Ska, Roots, Reggae, Folk and other genres.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum - London Rugby Tours

London’s Natural History Museum houses a superb collection with hundreds of excellently curated and interactive exhibitions… and it’s totally free to visit.  If you’re a fan of dinosaurs, or if you’re the parent of one (a fan, not a dinosaur), then you genuinely couldn’t pick a better place to go.  The Dinosaur Gallery is brilliant, with a roaring T Rex, a Triceratops skull, and loads of information about ow the dinosaurs lived, and died, here on earth. Don’t miss the blue whale model in the mammal room either! Irish Rugby Tours.

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