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Paris is well known for its food, fashion, beautiful architecture, history… and high prices!

Since the city is the most visited in the world, doing activities might seem out of budget, but the truth is that it is very easy to enjoy your experience 100% on a very low budget.  So here is a list of ten activities under ten euros in Paris.

Have A Drink While Playing Games At Café Oya

A great place if you want to chill with some friends!  Have a drink and play games in a heartwarming environment in the 13th Arrondissement in Paris. This relaxing moment is only €6 for a drink and as much games as you want and located at 25 Rue de la Reine Blanche, 75013 Paris.


Visit Art Galleries

Art Galleries are free in Paris!  You can find them everywhere in the streets.  Also, most of the Museums are free if you live in the EU and are under 25 years old.  A great opportunity to see the Mona Lisa during your trip!

Watching An Improvisation Battle

For those who like theatre, this for you.  Improvisation battles are very common in Paris.  The public decide of the situations the actors are going to be in, and decide the winner.  A great moment to share full of emotions and laughter.  Cost varies between €0 and €10 depending on the actors and the theatre it’s in.

Find tickets to different events here

Have A Picnic At Champs de Mars

A must do while you are in Paris!  Go to a boulangerie, buy yourself a baguette, some coffee and enjoy the Eiffel Tower while eating local food.  The Champs de Mars, boarding at the foot of the Iron Lady has a great and romantic atmosphere

Visit Montmartre & Buy A Souvenir

Montmartre is full of charms.  It’s a large hill in North Paris, have a walk in the stunning cobbled streets and climb to the amazing Basilica to have a breathtaking view of Paris.

You can also watch artists paint and buy yourself a souvenir in the souvenir shops.

Rent A Bike And Ride Through The City

Paris has very nice bikes itinerary, especially along the Seine.  Rent a bike from “Velib” for €1.70/h or an electric scooter from “lime” for 15 cents/min and have a ride in the beautiful streets of Paris.  These are very easy to find and park so you don’t have to care about it once you are done with your ride!

Panoramic View From The Roof Of The Arc De Triumph

The heart of Paris, the Arc de Triumph.  Built between 1806 and 1836, this Arc have been ordered by the emperor Napoleon Ist; since then, it reminds the French people the victories of the French army.  You can access the top for €13, but if you are under 25 years old it’s €10.  At the top you can see a 360° view of Paris and feel like the city is yours.

You can purchase your tickets here

Delicious French Food At The Bouillon Pigalle

Bouillon Pigalle

For traditional french food, this is the place to be!  The food is cheap, you can have a full course for €10, it’s the occasion to taste the famous snails or just have a great steak in a fun ambiance with cordial waiters.  It is located in the heart of Pigalle at 22 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris, very lively spot in Paris.

Source: Thomen

Have a drink and watch a movie on the roof of the Moulin Rouge

Located in Pigalle, the Bar a Bulle is a gold nugget.  On the roof of the Moulin Rouge, you can have a drink with your friends in an atypic environment, and when the sun goes down, watch a movie for free (as long as you order a drink) outdoors.  You will find the bar at  4 Bis Cité Véron, 75018 Paris.

Walk In Paris

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You don’t need to plan activities to be amazed by the beauty of the City of Lights.  Paris is well known for its beautiful architectures and streets.  It feels like a postal card where ever you are.  Cross the Pont des Arts, sit in front of Notre Dame, take photos at the Trocadero, wander in the Marais, Paris never disappoints!

Thank you for reading the article!  Here is a link to a very helpful video that tells you what you need to know before you visit Paris.

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