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Italy Rugby Tours reach new Highs with Irish Rugby Tours

26th May 2016 8:43am

Cill Dara U.14’s End of Season Rugby Tour to Italy

Last month, and after a year of planning & fundraising, the Cill Dara U.14 squad, 25 in number, departed for an end of season tour to the Milan & Parma region of Italy.

The first day was spent in the city of Milan with the highlight being tour of the San Siro Stadium where this year’s Champions League Final is to be held. Saturday began with a trip to the foothills of…

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In… London Rugby Tours

13th May 2016 9:24am

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In… London Rugby Tours

Lovely London isn’t the cheapest city you could choose for a city break (in fact it was recently found to be one of the most expensive) – but it’s London. Like New York and Paris it’s just one of those cities where you just need to accept that it’ll be a pricey one, but worth every penny. That said, there are some amazing free and cheap things that you can do, see…

Would you really leave the heat for an Irish Rugby Tour?

13th April 2016 15:32pm

Abu Dhabi Harlequins –  U14’s + Parents Visit to Ireland March 2016

Q: Why would a group of ex-pat kids and their parents from all over the world want to leave hot sunshine to come to Ireland in the month or March?

A: For the welcome, for the scenery, for the pubs, for the rugby and for the snow!

The group flew from Abu Dhabi to Dublin using various connections and met in Dublin Airport for departure to Galway.  The tone for the…

The Friars Rugby Tour Returns to Ireland Once Again

07th April 2016 8:06am

Fenwick Friars High School USA Rugby Tour to Ireland 2016
As a schoolboy any trip to Ireland from Chicago for a rugby tour is always a special occasion but when your stay in Dublin coincides with the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Rising your trip has a very special start indeed.

The party of 35, including a mix of 22 boys ranging in age from 15 to 17, accompanied by parents and coaches landed in Dublin airport at 9 am on Saturday…

Rugby Tours to Ireland Alive & Kicking

05th April 2016 15:20pm

Xavier High School Rugby Tour Ireland 2016
For almost 30 years now I have been conducting tours of Ireland & the UK for many different clients in both the corporate and leisure markets. The funny thing is that you never really forget the people you work with even though the times and dates tend to become somewhat fuzzy through the passage of time. That said, I don’t think I will forget too easily the past 10 days touring Ireland with Xavier…

Rugby Tours to Ireland Alive & Kicking

Special compliments to the hotel and Irish Rugby Tours for the complimentary birthday cakes on the first day. It was a lovely touch.

Special compliments to the hotel and Irish Rugby Tours for the complimentary birthday cakes on the first day….Read More »

Rugby Tours to Ireland Alive & Kicking


On behalf of the whole Tour Party may I congratulate Irish Rugby Tours (IRT) on a simply brilliant 4 days in Ireland.

As an Age Group, we have been fortunate to have experienced 2 great Tours in Scotland/Wales…Read More »

Rugby Tours to Ireland Alive & Kicking

If we ever returned to Ireland we would absolutely return with Irish Rugby Tours.

I felt like we got a genuine glimpse of authentic Ireland and it is an experience that we will never forget. Gordon was exceptional in terms…Read More »

Rugby Tours to Ireland Alive & Kicking

We loved Greg, had a great time listening to him and we all enjoyed ourselves very much and will certainly carry on the tradition in future years.

Really had an amazing time, thanks to Irish Rugby Tours! All of the players…Read More »