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Tours from U.K.

Shrewsbury School Under 18's Rugby Tour to Limerick February 2014


Salvatorian College Under 14's Rugby Tour to Italy October 2013

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Kirkby Lonsdale Under 16's Rugby Football Rugby Tour to Dublin October 2013


Littleborough R.F.C. Minis 150 Pax Rugby Tour to Dublin May 2013 


Norwich High School Netball & Hockey Tour to Ireland 2013


Hackney Bulls Under 15's Rugby Club Rugby Tour to Ireland March & April 2013


Oxford University Rugby Club Rugby Tour 2013


Shrewsbury School Under 18’s Rugby Tour February 2013


Paignton Colts Rugby Club Tour to Wexford February 2013


Oldfield’s Hall School Tour to Dublin Netball & Football February 2013


Colston’s Under 12’s Rugby Tour to Dublin February 2013


St Hugh’s School Rugby Tour to Dublin 2012


Colston’s Girls School Hockey Tour to Dublin 2012


Taverham Hall Prep School Rugby & Hockey Tour to Dublin and Cork 2012


Littleborough R.F.C. Minis Rugby Tour to Dublin 2012


Paignton Colts R.F.C. Devon Rugby Tour to Cork 2012


Nottingham Corsairs Under 15's R.F.C. Rugby Tour to Dublin 2012


Bromley R.F.C. Rugby Tour to Cork 2012


Sleaford R.F.C. Under 14's Tour to Cork 2012


Wetherby Preparatory School Rugby Tour to Italy - Parma & Milan 2012


Bede Academy School Rugby Tour to Ireland 2012


Sunderland R.F.C. Under 14’s Rugby Tour to Ireland 2012


Bede Academy Girls Hockey Tour to Ireland 2012


Southport Under 14's Rugby Tour to Dublin 2012


COI Garryduff Cork Girls Hockey Tour to Liverpool 2012


Aironi Rugby PRO 12 / Heineken Cup – Ireland, Wales, Scotland & UK. 2012


Colston’s School Under 12’s Tour to Dublin 2012


Goole High School Under 15’s Tour to Dublin 2012


Southport RFC Under 15’s Tour to Dublin 2012


Lavington School Under 16’s Netball, Boys & Girls Rugby, Football Tour to Dublin 2012


Cheltenham College Junior School Under 13’s Boys Rugby & Girls Hockey Tour 2012


Derby Under 13’s R.F.C.


Market Harborough Under 14’s R.F.C.


Wetherby Preparatory School Under 11’s & 12’s to Biarritz


Colchester R.F.C. Tour to Dublin


Primrose Hill Cricket Club Tour to Dublin & Belfast


Nottingham Boots Corsairs R.F.C. to Dublin.


Wetherby Preparatory School Tour to Dublin.


Felton Fleet School UK Dublin Under 13’s Rugby Tour.


St. Anselms School Dublin Rugby, Netball & Hockey Tour.


St. Pauls School Dublin Rugby Tour.


Cheltenham College Junior School Dublin and Cork Rugby & Hockey Tour.


Salvatorian College Limerick Rugby Tour.


Stanbridge Earls School R.F.C.


Clifton College Netball Team.


Queens Royal Hussars R.F.C.


Durbanville High School.


Harpenden R.F.C.


Wells R.F.C.


Newtown Abbott R.F.C.


Midsomer Norton R.F.C.


Plymstock R.F.C.


Laugharne R.F.C.


Braintree R.F.C.


Truro R.F.C.


Davenies School


Guilford R.F.C.


Worcester R.F.C.


Claire's Court School


Farleigh R.F.C.


Salvatorian College R.F.C.


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